Thursday, July 24, 2014

My New Hobby

 As the beginning of the year approaches, I tend to replay year beginnings of the past in my mind.  Setting up my classroom, buying new supplies, and back to school workshops!  I know we've all attended a workshop that has started with the infamous icebreaker, "Share an interesting fact about yourself."  As soon as I hear these words my nerves build with anticipation as I  feel myself scrounging for something new to say. This year I already know what I'd like to say,
  "I've been inspired to blog!"  
  "Who inspired me?" you ask 
The hundreds of other elementary teachers who find small moments of time in their busy day to share their best ideas on a blog. I've admired these educators over the years and have made it a personal goal to join the community of educational bloggers.  A special thanks to Christina over at "School Daisies"  for pushing me to get started!  I invite you to follow me through my adventures as an educator as I add "chatter" to the world of educational blogs.  

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