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Miss Campo's Rainbow

One of my favorite quotes from the late Maya Angelou,
"Try to be the rainbow in someone's cloud."

The best way to share the many shades of my life with you is through a rainbow.  Each color means something different to me, but when put together creates a marvelous image. Something so grand I can call it my life :) 

Red stands for Love

I have so much love for so many people in my life.  Let's start with my fiance, Chris.  Yes... that's right... Chris and Cristin! This May we'll be getting married! After May I'll be known as Mrs. Beirne... I guess I'll have to come back and make a few changes :) In the meantime we're having loads of fun planning the wedding of our dreams and starting our lives together. I couldn't have asked for a more kind and loving man.  He's pretty funny too :)  

There is also my amazing family.  This crazy group has been the backbone of my success from day one.  I'm not quite sure where I'd be without them!
Mark and Dad
Dad is quite possibly the kindest most loving and generous man I know.  I'm the only girl of two brothers... can we say Daddy's Girl?
Mark is my baby brother!  He's the fun of the family who would do anything for you!

Mom... there are no words other then ROCK STAR that best describe my mom.  She is the greatest woman alive.

Matt and Catie, My brother and sister in-law.  I am lucky to have two brothers that would do anything for me.  I am even more lucky that my brother found me the greatest sister-in-law ever!   

I can't forget about my future family... The Beirne's!
Ray and Gina ... the future in-laws.... hold all gasps!  They're amazing and filled with great teaching stories.  They were both teachers!
The Adamczyk's
This fun loving family consists of Chris' sister Dayna, brother-in-law Jeff, and of course our two beautiful nieces Julianna and Charlotte
J is going to first grade this year!  Can you guess how excited Aunt Cristin is!!!!

Orange stands for fun and creativity

My creativity has led me on this path to starting Elementary Chatter.  I can't wait to share lessons I've created in the past in addition to the new lessons that I've yet to develop.  Creativity to me is what gets me through the boring rainy days.  

Yellow stands for friendship

My friends are another major part of my life.  As we're getting older it's fun living through the changes that come with marriages and eventually children.  I love the bond I've created with my friends which spans the entire east coast.  Some near some far, yet all are close to my heart.  Their support has gotten me through the worst and celebrated with me during the greatest!

Green stands for ALLENWOOD!

Go Dragons!  Allenwood Elementary School is where I have the privilege of working with some amazing teachers.  It's always a fun day at Allenwood especially in first grade where I get to collaborate with my amazing colleagues.  I love the passion and creativity that we each bring to the table.  I can't wait to share the fun and adventures we travel through this year in first grade!

Blue stands for the Beach 

Greetings from the Jersey Shore Postcard

My home!  The beach is where I spend most of my (often limited) free time.  There's nothing better then getting on our bikes and heading to the beach for the day.  Give me my chair, a good book, and sand between my toes and I'm happy.  

Violet stands for my Alma Matre

East Carolina University
Go Pirates!
As we know with blogging... it's important to give credit where credit is due.  I have to give Credit to East Carolina University.  It was there where I was molded into a teacher.  I must thank them for the endless amount of assignments, hours of teaching practicums, and genuine advice that helped me develop my own teaching philosophy.  

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  1. Congratulations Cristin on starting a blog! I hope you find this fulfilling, and based on what I have read so far, I am sure your fellow teachers will find it inspirational! Have fun with it!