Monday, October 20, 2014

Where in the world has Cristin been?

Hello again friends,
         It's me Cristin!  Boy has it been a while! Let me explain my absence. The past two months have been a whirlwind to say the least.  Oh yes, school began!  I am so happy to say I have a wonderful class of adorable first graders.  Each new year brings it's ups and downs. Presenting challenges of learning new resources, curriculum maps, and lesson plan templates.  My goal this year is to face these challenges head on.  I'm looking forward to a successful school year.
        On a personal note, my fiance and I successfully moved into a new home.   This is Chris' childhood home so it's been amazing to see him in his element re-living some childhood memories. It also happens to be in the most adorable beach town.  It's quiet right now as the Fall takes over the Summer crowd, but quiet is nice.
         Wedding season is also well underway, however I feel as if every season is wedding season for us!    I'm so happy to be witnessing many of my beautiful friends on their road to marriage.  As we celebrate other couples in the coming months, our wedding plans are well underway.  Just another reason why I've been lacking in posts and product sharing.
          My plate seems to constantly be full, but I am a teacher, that's how my plate will always be.  That being said, I'm jumping back into the blogging world full force.  I'm so excited to attend the BrainPop luncheon this Sunday.  I can't wait to meet fellow educational bloggers and  learn more about this awesome world of blogging that I've been eager to learn about!

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