Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The days of Summer are slowly winding down.  The commercials are telling us to get excited, it's BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!  Each year I find myself reflecting on what I did the year before.  This leads to new ideas and exciting changes.  Today, I spent some time looking at pictures of my classroom and deciding what I would keep and what I would change.  Here are a few pictures of my classroom from last year.  Visit my TpT Store to download a free copy the "Rock Star Behavior Board" and "The Management Team".  I was really into chevron last year!  Can you tell?

This was the first chart of the year.  The kids loved coming in and finding their names.  They also loved that they were known as ROCK STARS!

 Here is a picture of my behavior management system.  I'm a huge advocate for Positive Behavior Management.  I love to pick out the positive and reward students for good decision making.  My first vice principal always said.... "It takes three positive remarks to undo a negative remark."  Let's just fill them with positive so we don't have to keep count!
The management system was even Rock Star themed.  I put each child's name on a star and jobs were given weekly.  I'm planning on changing this for the upcoming school year but I figured I'd share the idea. 

Blue Skies!
Miss Campo


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