Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Sunday News: Legos and Education

Lego Female Scientist Set

I have to thank Chris for finding this article.  It really got me thinking about the Next Generation Science Standards.  Chris' love for reading often benefits me, as he is like my own personal research team.  He often finds great articles about the changes in education.  His marketing background brought him to finding this article about the new  LEGO female scientist set.  Have a look!

After reading this article I became more interested in the Next Generation Science Standards.  The video below is just an Overview of the standards.  
 "In today's technologically advancing world, we are living at the speed of science."  -NGSS
I'd say this quote is accurate.  It's really amazing that our children's toys are even changing with today's advances in education!

After exploring the Next Generation Science website, I can say I'm even more inclined to step back as an educator and let my learners explore.   It's exciting to take risks, get a little messy, and let the children lead through their questioning and exploration.

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